There are not many places one can obtain (surreptitiously and so deliciously) a free feminization file called say ‘hypno doll’ that might say turn you into a ‘pink sissy submissive loving doll’? Gosh how exciting that must be for you sissies!! Mistress has not listened to of course, far too busy Here, but She would love to hear how this worked for you sweet sissy dollies. Apparently there is also a Sissy Academy there which might assist in your studies for the House, who knows what wonders await you there? Please report back your findings sub fem dolly! Yes oh yes you must!!


Darkly Addictive Hypnosis…

I am a Lifestyle Domme, currently served in Real Life by a slave girl, and by a male slave. I also have loyal on-line slaves who are devoted to being of service.

Professionally trained, I offer erotic hypnosis that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.

I love using your weakness against you… to bind you to Me and to have you surrender, unable to resist as you crave more of My exquisite control.

Sensually Sadistic Seattle Dominatrix, Victoria Rage.

Currently welcoming novices and experienced playmates to my fully equipped dungeon for inventive, salacious and erotically stirring D/s sessions.

Feminization and sissification erotic hypnosis by Mistress Samba Alex.

Relax, meditate and let go at your convenience.

Amateur female on female domination

The English mansion features some real old school Fem Dom Videos with some new twists. I had to feature this link because for one thing there is the hottest dolly transfomration video ever on his site. and You simply must take a look. Plus so much more.

This is the legendary Other World Kingdom. A real life country inside a country run by Dominant women where Woman rules supreme and men exist to serve and amuse. This is heaven for the submissive male and Vallhalla for the Superiour gender. Imagine a castle and grounds surrounded by high walls and security cameras .A place with its own all female police force , Laws courts and currency. Transfportation is provided by pony boys. and a Womans slightest whim is a slaves every duty to perform. You simply must check this out. It is one of those rare cases where truth and fantasy are better than fiction.

Women in need of a bitch like you!

Subliminal slave girl training programs for girls in need of obedient and behavior training. Subliminal programs our download-based product MP3 for CD or MP3. Checkout the A Good Maid subliminal for the sissy in him!

Crueltress Latexa has a closet full of clothes and is ready to play. Let’s get all girly, put on our makeup and have a tea party.

Mistress Nona is a Lifestyle Pro Domme with over 21 years scene experience. She was the editor of Mistress Mine Magazine, the key consultant of the electro stim device: the HotBoxx, the exclusive sales rep for Master Cane Maker Michael Lewis, the facilitator Of the Mistress Mine Magazine Parties, and the only Independent Pro Domme to be reviewed in ???Erotic New York, The Best Sex In The City???.
This well known Sadist has lectured across the country on various S&M topics with skill and humor.

A Medieval dungeon for singles, couples and groups straight, gay or bi in the BDSM ???scene??? who wish to enjoy a unique BDSM experience and a brief insight into HELL !! Resident Mistresses and Master / Switch.

Do you like to be guided, to abandon yourself and submerge into another reality or an unknown territory?
Practicing S/M to me implies phantasies and skills, finesse and responsibility.
– Dominant Escort & Studiosessions in Berlin and worldwide –

La Domaine is the oldest and finest BDSM chateau in the world. Our site provides information about the professional training, educational and session services offered at La Domaine.

Erotic Hypnosis to blow your mind!

FemDomStuff offers Female Domination Site Revies, Photos, Videos, FREE Tours and FemDom Resources from all over the web!

Glamorous Mistress of Hypnosis takes over your weak mind. Erotic Hypnosis to make you Mine.

New strapon video galleries every day! 100% Free!

We seek to explore the Femdom – D/s lifestyle and the use of chastity devices to control male orgasms.

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