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Original images and videos of Domina Linda, the Leather Shemale Mistress and Her slave. Real sessions, Dominance, Leather and Smoking Fetish, Bondage, Torture


When fetish goes off into the realm of of the improbable is when it gets the most interesting and this fetish is as improbable as it gets. Once i was a man deals with the unlikely but very interesting prospect of a person being turned to a item of Female clothing or a girly object – to be used and abused and totally at the whim of of the Superior Gender. This is a highly whimsical kink and just sooo darn cute.

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This is the site where bondage becomes something more than mere sexual titilation. The House of Gord challenges on so many Levels. Questions about exploitation and objectification and what is an isnt possible –  or even sane. This website is good to keep in your favorites in case your ever asked what is all that freaky leather and rubber crap for. Just call up this page and watch peoples little synapses fry and fuse into moosh.

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